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There’s no word yet on a possible role for Bale, who, of course, played Batman in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy.

Hollywood star Christian Bale is in negotiations to join Marvel Cinematic Universe.

the team will start shooting from.

Bale received a golf club from his teammates for Christmas.

Nice to see Messi finally having some company in one of the.

Christian Bale is reportedly in talks for a role in Thor: Love and Thunder He’d join Marvel after a three-film run as Batman.

It’s far from a confirmation, but if Bale does join the cast he’ll be in good company. The Taika Waititi-directed and.

If Bale is only on board for one film, his role could be that of Dario Agger/Minotaur, as io9 suggests. Agger is a main.

Hollywood star Christian Bale is in negotiations to join Marvel Cinematic Universe with a pivotal role.

of the film will.

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