Date Ariane 10th Anniversary

ESA said member states had agreed to put up €9.9 billion for scientific research that includes Europe’s share of the Hubble Space Telescope, as well as other projects like the space station, which.

XMM-Newton, the most powerful X-ray observatory ever built and launched into space, marks its 10th anniversary on December 10th.

yielding over 2000 scientific publications to date. The instruments.

Date Ariane (18+) - FaceCam SundaysEpic failures: 11 infamous software bugs – OK, the history of computer bugs didn’t really begin on this date (see "Moth in the machine" for the real story), but nevertheless, its anniversary seems a perfect.

Forty seconds of Ariane-5 The.

A couple of things for you, this morning; the first – of all – I am going to read you the Chairman’s conclusions from the Contact Group in Washington, on the 10th of November.

Thanks – very much.

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The heartbreaking reason the Queen keeps her.