Floor Vibrations Due To Human Activity

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(8) The rules for the “Design of floor structures for human induced vibrations”. given in this report are the result of two international projects, the VOF-. project and the HIVOSS-project, both funded by the Research Fund for. Coal and Steel (RFCS), initiated and carried out by a group of experts from.

dynamic analysis for steel floor vibrations • based on AISC Design Guide 11: Floor Vibrations Due to Human Activity • fairly straight forward analysis which we can calculate manually, or with simple software • in the presentation today, we’ll use: • Excel spreadsheets • Fastrak Building Designer • Floorvibe •.

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Prediction of Floor Vibration Response Using the Finite Element Method. The focus of the research was on developing a computer modeling technique that will predict the fundamental frequency of vibration and the peak acceleration due to walking excitation as given in AISC Design Guide 11, Floor Vibrations Due to Human Activity (Murray, et al., 1997).

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itself. However, human activities or machinery off a floor can cause significant floor vibrations. On more than one occasion, aerobics on one floor of a high-rise building has been reported to cause vibration discomfort at another level in the building. The vibrations caused by automobiles on parking levels below have been reported to disrupt sensitive laboratory work on upper floors.

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floor vibrations due human-induced loading have been characterized as probably the most persistent floor serviceability problem encountered by designers [1]. For heavy floors which utilize concrete as a deck, vibrations produced by normal human movements are generally less noticeable. In.

Vibrations in Steel-Frame Floors due to Human Activities By Mateus Zimmer Dietrich, Felipe Barbosa Teixeira, Adenilcia Fernanda Grobério Calenzani & Walnório Graça Ferreira Federal University of.

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For vibration due to human activities such as dancing or aerobics, a higher mode is more difficult to excite because people are spread out over a relatively large area and tend to force all panels.

Vibration design of the floors was based on the recommendations of AISC Design Guide 11 – Floor Vibrations Due To Human Activity (AISC – DG11). The task was to verify the vibration performance of a completely fitted out office floor by analytical and experimental studies.