Palmetto Magazine

COLUMBIA, S.C.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today Governor Nikki Haley joined Coca-Cola, CVS and Palmetto Parent Magazine to kick off the Fit Family Challenge, a statewide healthy and active living initiative.

Located in Bluffton, South Carolina, Palmetto Bluff is a residential resort and conservation-based community that exudes a palpable feeling of traditional Southern hospitality. It is where porch is.

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The national magazine is featuring the Palmetto Bluff home of Christie and Jim Bogrette because of its environmentally friendly features, according to Ashley Zink of Polished Pig Media, a public.

If you are looking for an outdoor family activity where the ever-present March winds aren’t a factor, consider loading up the car next weekend and heading to the State Fairgrounds in Columbia for the.

Olaughlin Trade Shows are not going to close – come wind, rain or, in this case, snow. “These are outdoors people,” said show manager Bill O’Loughlin of O’Loughlin Trade Shows. “It’s only snow.” And when they/you do attend. Jeff Swenson, the show manager for O’Loughlin Trade Shows, says the show “stood strong and demonstrated its drawing power” despite

Palmetto State Armory 30 Round Magazines by D&H Review!!When It Comes To AR-15s, Is The Expense Worth It? – The popularity of “budget” AR-15s has exploded in recent years. From offerings from established manufacturers like the S&W.

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The inspiration for the magazine came from Perry’s background. He was a star at Palmetto Ridge during his high school days but didn’t get the college looks he believed he was worthy of. "You can.

Not bad for the first magazine through the gun! I’ll follow-up once the barrel is broken in fully. .9-1.16″ @ 50 yards during break-in. : Palmetto State Armory Gen III PA-10 Rifle 1.6″ @ 100 yards.