Xanadu Surfboards

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Xanadu "Moskah" Surfboard Review by Noel Salas Ep 75Surfline’s Guide to Twin-Fins, Part 1: The Unboxing – Oh, and the boards they tested came from: Album Surf, Aryse Company, Canvas Surfboards, Channel Islands Surfboards, Nirvana Surfboards, Rozbern Surf, Tyler Warren Shapes, Varial Surf Technology +.

The mall, under different ownership, was once called Xanadu and suffered so many false starts locals.

which houses a wave pool where people will one day be able to surf a 6ft wave while people.

The company’s latest technology, Varial Infused Glass, provides a much stronger surfboard in a significantly lighter package.

For the last seven months, Ibellie has been riding Xanadu boards made.

As a surfer who worked for board manufacturers during his college years in Hawaii, Mike McBride of San Clemente has never let his surfboard repair skills slip.

Simon Anderson, Surftech, Xanadu.

This model glides very well on fat, mushy waves. Zógh is part of the Family 2 of Xanadu’s catalog, and it was designed for small waves. Custom orders available in swallow-tail, round-tail and.

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Traveller Australian Winemaker of the Year awards. Xanadu.

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