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She was also Freesurf Magazine’s “Female Surfer of the Year” in 2007. Brookwell McNamara Entertainment also produced the war drama “Field of Lost Shoes” and co-produced “Legally Blondes 3.”.

She’s proved to be dangerous there in previous years.o/oo Kennelly came second at the 2006 Maui Pro. Kennelly, who was named Freesurf Magazine’s Female Surfer of the year in 2007, was a season regular.

The highlight of this year’s event was the FreeSurf Magazine Ali’i Cup presented by Vertra, an entirely new, strictly invitational division. The Ali’i Cup is comprised of six teams of Hawaii and Japan.

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Freesurf Magazine, Boardstories TV, KCCN FM10, Power 104.3, Brew Moon Restaurant, Hammerhead Energy Drink, HASA, and all the Local Motion venders who provided prizes and support.

Alms’s barrel at Jaws – groundbreaking as it was – didn’t even make it into a national magazine. “I thought that was crazy,” says Alms. “FreeSurf Hawaii was the only mag to run it in print. I’d still.

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Surf Competition Pumps Millions into Oahu Economy – Before joining Hawaii Business as a full-time writer, photographer and researcher he shot pictures for the magazine. He enjoys photographing.

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Photo: Tyler Rock / Freesurf Magazine | Video: Johannes Bock Many helped Villaran out of the water, including Maui boy Ian Walsh, but EMTs got to work onshore. After treating him onsite, they rushed.

Australia: The Freesurf Sessions (Wherein men dance on the east and west.

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WHAT THE HECK ARE THEY DOING DOWN THERE? – Of course if we were like In Style magazine or something, we could’ve been asking Andy.

Surfer after watching Bobby, the Hobgoods and Timmy paddle back to a boat during this morning’s freesurf.