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Detectives believe the two men were tortured and had been dead at least four days before the gruesome discovery. The Kaieteur.

Senior Counsel Rajendra Poonai has been awarded judgment against Kaieteur News for libel that he said defamed his character. The judgment was made by Justice Fidela Corbin-Lincoln following an.

KAIETEUR NEWS GRENADE THROWING INCIDENTBrilliant blue tarantula among potentially new species discovered in Guyana – The discovery was part of a larger biodiversity assessment survey of the Kaieteur Plateau and Upper Potaro area of Guyana, within the Pakaraima Mountains range. Overall, the team uncovered more than.

Mark Assing called ‘Jessie’ (Kaieteur News photo) AFTER being sentenced to 66 years’ imprisonment for murder, Mark Assing, called ‘Jessie,’ is challenging the conviction and sentence at the Court of.

Attorney-at-law Rajendra Nath Poonai, SC. â ”to determine amount, other matters JUSTICE Fidela Corbin-Lincoln has awarded judgement in default to privately-owned Kaieteur News newspaper and its Editor.

However, in an article published by Kaieteur News yesterday the same Chairwoman was quoted as saying, “.

we can’t just remove people’s names because we could not locate them. We don’t have that right.

According to a report in the online edition of Guyanese newspaper Kaieteur News, the pre-tax profit filed in the company’s interim financial report represents a four per cent increase for the.

Dozens of species which are likely new to science have been discovered in the Kaieteur National Park (KNP) and Upper Potaro area in Guyana during a month-long expedition by a team of intrepid.

This morning, Hess most recent news is on our radar and our team decided to put out.

an instrument with significant details about the transfer of interest. The Kaieteur Block, Guyana The Kaieteur.

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